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The Future Is HERE! 2019 Promises More Tech and a Whole Lot of Innovation!

As I'm standing in a small room at 432 House(an innovative fitness concept) in midtown Manhattan getting strapped into a wet down compression suit and connected to an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) machine ready to send surges of electricity throughout my body during my workout, I knew I entered the future of fitness!

It was exciting to see and experience what is happing within the fitness space and who's adopting the newest technology and techniques, bringing it to the forefront for all of us fitness fanatics to encounter. My "celebrity trainer" Josh Holland promised me (as I was doing jumping jacks and mountain climbers with electrodes attached to all of my major muscle groups) that this EMS Training System (through Systimfit) made my 20 minute workout equal more of a 6 hour workout as my muscles were contracting up to 36,000 times with those extra zaps of electricity!

After my slightly uncomfortable but exhilarating session with Josh, I wanted to research ot…
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A Grateful Glance Back at 2018

Wow what a year!! We at SoulBody feel blessed to be working with our forward thinking "family" of clubs such as GoodLife Fitness, Gold's Gyms, YMCAs, Merritt Clubs, Brick Bodies and many other gyms and studios all over the globe. We are proud to be a part of their Group Fitness space as these clubs are offering their members world class service and helping their community look and feel their best!

We are also BEYOND grateful and inspired by our SoulBody SQUAD, our barefooted and sneakered tribe that goes out there everyday teaching, coaching, encouraging, and changing lives for the better!
We look forward to our continued growth of this influential group of like-minded change agents!

What a year for group fitness, virtual fitness, wearable technology, HIIT (high intensity interval training), functional and recovery fitness and a resounding overall focus on wellness and the healthy life style. As we wrote in our last blog, we at SoulBody have jumped on the "virtual&…

Group Fitness Creates Community!

We are hearing about and participating in "virtual" fitness classes at our gyms and on-demand classes in our homes, offices and hotels. We are even working out with a trainer on our mobile apps in the park or on the beach! YES, it's easy, convenient and more important, high quality with rock star instruction - what's not to LOVE!

SoulBody has even jumped on this bandwagon with WEXER, allowing members to virtually take our Soulbody Barre, Unhitched and Power classes at health clubs worldwide, as well as BURNALONG, where our fans can take SoulBody classes at home or on the go. They can even invite friends to join  them on their TV or computer screen, creating even more of an online community fashioned around fitness. We also just signed on with a cool new player called NEO U that also allow fitness fanatics to work out on their own, streaming classes on their TV, tablet or computer. NEO U is on trend with a Fitness Hub in NYC where they host top fitness experts and cre…

MeFit Health & Fitness Summit 2018!

We at SoulBody have found the Middle East to be not only an exotic and alluring place to travel but a place of incredible opportunity for our SoulBody Barre programming! Having already had an extremely successful SoulBody Teacher Training and launch of our Soulbody Barre and Unhitched programs at Gold's Gym Egypt last year, we happily accepted MeFitPro's invitation to join their MeFit Summit last week to present SoulBody Master Classes and meet the team!
We also hosted a post-conference SoulBody Teacher Training for managers and instructors from Gold's Gym Saudi and UAE at the beautiful Talise Fitness health club (along with other reputable instructors around the region).
Growing our SouBody GLOBAL SQUAD!

Quick recap of the MEFIT Summit and the "thought leaders" we got to meet and get to know better! 
Wonderful to hear HE Saeed Mohammed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council (DSC) during the opening ceremony! The DSC is the official sports governing body …

Welcome to SoulBody! A Note from Co-Founder Ann Marie Barbour

Hello!! Welcome to SoulBody's Blog - SoulBody Thrive! Stacey Vandiver and I are the co-founders of SoulBody and the creators of SoulBody Barre, SoulBody Barre Unhitched and SoulBody Power group fitness programs.

We offer progressive, unique, "Boutique-Style" programming to large Health Clubs, Gyms, as well as University, Corporate and Recreation Fitness Centers. We train instructors in a one-day comprehensive SoulBody Teacher Training, then go one step further offering them exclusive choreographed classes, set to amazing music every three months! We keep classes fresh, instructors vested and inspired and clubs ahead of the curve and competing by offering innovative programming with #rockstar instruction!

Here's the deal!! Stacey and I have been in the group fitness space for over 15 years. We have seen the growth of the boutique studio concepts offering unique, one of a kind, specialized experiences to their "tribes". We saw a need for these larger clubs an…