Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What We've Been Up To

A few updates from where Soul Body has been these past couple of months.  Stacey and Ann Marie have been super busy traveling and going to conventions to spread the word about both Barre and Body Barre. 

First stop...London:
Stacey and Ann Marie did an initial training to begin piloting both of the BARRE programs into Fitness First UK. Fitness First has 63 clubs throughout the UK and are one of the largest group of fitness clubs throughout the world with clubs in Germany, Australia and throughout Asia. The program was extremely well received and everyone is excited to start teaching.
We did some demo classes for instructors and members and then held their one day, 9 hour training at the Tottenham Court location. They are super excited to start implementing both SB Barre and Body Barre!!

Next up...the Gold's Gym Convention:

This year it was held at the Mirage in Las Vegas for franchisee owners of Gold's Gym. This gave SoulBody the chance to meet some amazing owners all over the world including Japan and the Philippines. Stacey and Ann Marie had the chance to hear Scott McKain speak. The theme throughout all of the lectures was all about creating community and delivering high customer service!

Last stop...IDEA FIT in Los Angeles:

IDEA Fit in LA is home of one of the largest and most recognized fitness conferences in the United States.  It was very well attended with all sorts of new programs, equipment, clothing and nutrition information. Jack Canfield was the guest speaker who delivered an exceptional speech on motivation and achieving success. Also Olympic swimmer, Amy Van Dyken, gave an emotional yet motivating speech on commitment, focus and why staying fit is so important...read about her life story and her foundation....so inspiring!!! 

Now we are back home and excited about a number of upcoming trainings. 

American UniversitySaturday October 8th
Cassell Fitness Center

4400 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20016

Be Well StudiosSunday October 16th
Mill Wharf Plaza
Scituate, MA 02066

Boulder Parks & RecreationSunday November 6th
5660 Sioux Dr.
Boulder, CO 80303
5660 Sioux Dr.
Boulder, CO 80303

5904 Prairie Schooner drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Soul Body will also be attending the SCW DC Mania Conference coming up in September and SCW Midwest Mania Conference the first of October.

We are staying busy and we hope you are too!!

Have a great week.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Aim True Plus a Recipe from Kathryn Budig

You may have seen her on social media or maybe you even follow her, but I'm a huge fan of Kathryn Budig. She is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher and author. You may have come across her book, Aim True, where she extends her empowering message beyond the yoga mat. I recently received a copy of this book and immediately fell in love. I highly encourage you to purchase it. I found the book to be life-changing for so many reasons.

In her book you will find:
- 6 yoga sequences 
- A 5-Day purification process
- Over 85 recipes
- An intro to meditation
- Homeopathic self-care and beauty recipes


Today I'd like to share one of the recipes that I experimented with this weekend with the tri-color quinoa I found at Trader Joe's. If you missed that post you can view it here

Quinoa Egg Power Bites
Recipe By: Kathryn Budig

Click here for the full recipe.

I did modify the recipe slightly:
- omitted the cheese and walnuts
- used dried basil instead of fresh
- used olive oil instead of ghee
- definitely added the hot sauce

These are great for that Sunday food prep we talked about earlier. 

Has anyone read her book?

You can follower her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Something else from her book that I love...this little self mantra:

Now go have yourself a great rest of your week.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sunday Shopping List

I know I've been slacking on the blog, but promise I'm working on some great things to share over these next couple of weeks. I'd love to know what fun things you all have been getting into this summer. Have you tried new recipes? Taken Barre or Body Barre for the first time? Traveled to a new city? Discovered a new restaurant in Charm City?  The one thing I love about Soul Body is how we continue to work together and inspire each other every single day. This is how we continue to grow and build a community passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. 

How many of you are busy? Okay you can put your hand down because it's summer and we all are busy. Being busy doesn't mean you can't continue to eat healthy and stay aligned with your goals. It may take some prep and planning, BUT I promise you that you can do it. So why food prep: 

1. It saves time
2. Helps keep you on track to meet your fitness goals
3. Saves money
4. Helps you make better choices (less cheating)

Here is a great article on 100 Days of Real Food on how to prep for the week if you are new this whole food prep thing. 

You can also check out an earlier post I did here on some of my favorite recipes to prep. I also have some great new finds for your if you are heading out to the grocery store. I love Trader Joe's so any chance I can get to one I take full advantage. 

Here is what I picked up:

Organic Riced Cauliflower

Brussels Sprouts (great roasted in walnut oil or coated with Tessemae's Buffalo Sauce)

Dark Sweet Cherries (great in post-workout smoothies for recovery)

Organic Tricolor Quinoa

Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce (I love HOT so this is good on just about anything)

They also have a great selection of nut butter so I never leave without it. Almond (or cashew) is my favorite because the only ingredients are almonds. Yup..just almond. It pairs great with bananas (a no brainer) and actually sweet potatoes too (trust me...try it). 

Good luck with your food prep. I'll be sharing some of my recipes that I make this week so stay tuned!!

What are you're favorites at Trader Joe's?

Do you food prep?


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hello Humidity: Some Tips for Hydration

With Summer comes the humidity which I know we all love (right?!?!). Well whether or not we like it, it's here and we have to deal with it. This means that it's even more important to stay well hydrated. Not drinking enough water before, during, or after your workout can lead to dehydration.So today I have some of my favorites and some tips for you to try.

And remember... 

Some of my favorites include:

1. Gundalow Juice - A Baltimore based cold-pressed juice company. They just turned 2 and are celebrating by having specials on their juice packages all week long. Shop the packages here

2. Nuun - An electrolyte enhanced drink tablet packed with electrolytes, light flavor, no sugars and no carbs. My go-to in the summer is the Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade. You can read more Nuun and hydration here

3. Zico Coconut Water - Naturally supports hydration with 5 electrolytes. If you don't eat bananas this is a perfect way to get your potassium post workout. Drinking 8 ounces of coconut water has as much potassium as a small banana. Try adding the coconut water to you favorite smoothie instead of water. (Hint: pairs great with the Mocha VegaSport performance protein powder)

And remember that you can also eat your water too. These foods make it easy to up your H2O intake. 

1 cup of chicken noodle soup = 8 oz. 
1 cup cooked sliced zucchini = 6 oz.
1 medium apple = 6 oz.
1 cup cantaloupe cubes = 5 oz.
1 cup watermelon balls = 5 oz.
1 cup cherry tomatoes = 5 oz.
1 small navel orange = 4 oz.
10 medium baby carrots = 3 oz.
1 cup raw broccoli florets = 2 oz.

If you don't like drinking plain water trying adding fruit slices, such as lemon, lime, and orange (mint is also good too). Another great trick is filling ice cube trays with coconut water, and then tossing it into your water for some added yummy flavor. 

There are also lots of fun water bottles out there to help keep your water cold whether you are at the gym, out on a run or just chilling at the park. Some of the SB barre instructors love the bkr glass water bottle (my personal favorite) and I know Kelly Rabil loves her S'Well bottle.

What are some of your favorite water bottles to take with you on your workouts?

How do you stay hydrated in the summer with the humidity? 

Don't forget to send us your feedback on the new choreography. Let us know what you think!!!

Have a great week...enjoy the heat!!


Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello July, Hello London

Hello July! We are already one week into Summer and have some great things to share. The next release is out and we are so excited to be bringing you some challenging new moves. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Doing it, and doing it, and doing it well. 

Instructors, Nicole Doenges and Hillary Gras, went poolside with Barre & BodyBarre at Merritt Athletic Clubs this past week to kick off summer.

Barre with a view anyone?!?!

Great shot from an outdoor BodyBarre class Under Armour Performance Center Headquarters this week.

If you haven't heard...SoulBody is now in London. 

Master Class at Fitness First UK in the books.

 Remember that outdoor workout I posted hereTraveling this weekend and don't have time to hit the bar(re)? Give it a try and tag @soulbodybarre in your photos!!!

And remember to never give up.

Be safe, go sweat, and have an awesome weekend.


Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Things

Made it! It's Friday and I'm ready for the weekend (I hope you are too). We already have a busy summer planned and finally had some time to get the squad together this week for a little sneak peak of the new choreography launching July 1. Thank you to everyone who came out to Under Armour Performance Center for the event.

SoulBody also going to be traveling to PA this weekend for their first ever combo barre training (barre and bodybarre in the same weekend) at AFC Fitness in Bala Cynwyd, PA. 

Because it's summer and we all want glowing skin, check out this article on MindBodyGreen that talks about what to eat for glowing summer skin. 

Short on time...here's a quick recap from the article.

1. Carotenoids -  help with complexion which can result in a brighter, sun-kissed glow
What to eat: carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, mangoes, kale and spinach

2. Vitamin C - helps with collagen formation and can help with aging skin and hyperpigmentation
What to eat: strawberries, kiwifruit, grapefruit, broccoli, oranges

3. Healthy fats - healthy oils help with moisture and skin elasticity 
What to eat: avocados, olive oil, salmon, walnuts

4. Protein  - helps in the formation of all tissues in the body including your skin
What to eat: eggs, fish, poultry, beans

5. Hydration - A MUST in the summer heat
What to drink: water (flat or sparkling), green tea, coconut water
(Hint: Try a Gundalow Juice after a barre class or after a long run)

Before I forget...

Kelly is still launching her tips on the YouTube Channel so make sure you subscribe and check it out each week.

How are you sweating this weekend?

Now go have an awesome Friday!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Eating on the Run, on the Drive, or on the Flight

Dear June, where did you go?!?!? Well friends...I'm back. Sorry for the long delay in getting posts up on the blog, but it has been a hectic few weeks. Get excited...the new SB Barre and Body Barre choreography will be released next Friday, July 1. Get ready to feel the burn.  

Has anyone tried any noodle recipes from the last post? Hillary, SB Barre/Body Barre instructor, shared one of her favorite summer dishes.

Spiralized Zucchini (keep raw)
Chopped up cherry tomatoes (half or quarters)
Tiny mozzarella cubes
Homemade (or store bought) pesto 
Salt & pepper to taste
Toss & Combine
Squeeze of lemon to finish is nice :)
Optional protein add-ins: chickpeas, shrimp, grilled chicken, etc. 

Thanks Hillary. I can't wait to try. One thing I wanted to share was this mix-n-match pesto chart from The Decorated Cookie. For those of you with dairy-allergies this is great for making your own since most store bought pesto contains cheese. 

Continue to share your favorite, healthy recipes with us!!

Today I actually wanted to turn the blog over to Nicole Doenges, an SB Barre instructor at Merritt Athletic Clubs and Under Armour Performance Center. She is going to share some of her favorite snacks and travel tips for when she heads to China!!

In addition to teaching so many Barre BAEs and help people channel their happy/fit place, I get to make runners better by making baller shoes for a living. This job requires extensive travel – alllll the way to China, and soon, Vietnam. I’m gone for a weeks at a time, which can really knock me out of my food routine.
Along the way, I’ve come across a few tips and tricks that allow me to feel good in my body. A 12-hour time difference, 16-hour flight, and local southern Chinese cuisine [and very interesting Pizza hut experiences] can really mess with the system!

Hopefully my tips and trips can help you prepare on YOUR travels, whether it’s a road trip, a flight across the country, or around the globe.

Step One: Plan! I love eating. A LOT. When we travel, I have very few options of choosing my own food. I know we’re going to run into some crazy factory lunches – there have been trips where we’ve eaten pizza, Every. Single. Day. I NEVER thought I’d get sick of pizza. Trust me, it’s possible.

Before my trip, I’ll streamline my eating to make sure I’m eating clean, small portions. Very little alcohol, if any to protect my immune system. Green juice, Shakeology, Pure Raw Acai bowls… all the noms.


Step Two: Stock up! I scope out deals at Target and Safeway for a few specific items: Kind or Lara bars, baby food, tuna packets, and beef jerky. This is where my options come in. It’s so important to make sure I can offer my body a variety of nutrition. I  shop a little at the airport to make the long haul flight a little more exciting. Large bottles of water, a bag of lightly salted popcorn and pretzels and hummus make great snacks. Jamba Juice makes Acai bowls, so I buy one of those and eat it instead of the inflight meal to avoid the sodium hits. [You will swell on that flight, so the less salt, the better!]

Step Three: Enjoy! Tasting so many new things from a different culture is awesome. Showing your adventurous tastes is possibly the biggest compliment to your hosts. Dumplings, milk tea, the best glass noodles you will EVER eat. It’s so fun. But, I’m always thrilled I have my tastes from home to balance everything out. A few pieces of beef jerky are awesome for a middle-of-the-night empty tummy, or half a banana from the fruit bar for pre-workout fuel. For an emergency lunch [octopus pizza anyone?], I pack tuna pouches, more fruit from the hotel breakfast bar, and a pouch of babyfood. I SWEAR by Good Earth or Happy Mom’s 60 calorie baby food packs. They have so many flavor and ingredient options, and I know I’m getting real food nutrients instead of chemicals.  I also bring shakeology variety packs that I’ll supplement for lunch as well.

I come back stateside with a lot of food pictures and fun stories. I’ll get back to my routine and soon, back to normal!

~ Nicole Doenges

Do you pack snacks when you travel? What are your favorite snacks?

Have a great week. Enjoy your second day of Summer!!